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Walter Ramage

Hi Nancy. Let me jump in here if you don't mind. I have had such messages in the past. I didn't see your original message but from the description below it sounds familiar. I am not saying I have the solution but perhaps a potential solution. In my experience if the archive is corrupt you are usually told this is the case but it would seem it can't open it at all. It could mean that you are trying to extract the files within multiple subfolders and as windows only allows something like 250 characters in a pathway it might be that you will need to try extracting it nearer your root folder. If the archive isn't buried too deep in subfolders then it is possible the file names in the archive are too long. I suggest you try extracting the files in your download folder and not inside any other subfolder, even better try doing so in the folder that bears your name. Also when you go to the context menu use the option "extract here." This will limit the pathway. If that doesn't work then I don't really know what to say and I am sorry for wasting your time. Walter.

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Gene, I am using jaws 2018.

I was not able to copy the message, but the following is what it listed:

Errors: 1

0 can not open file 'c:users/Nancy new/downloads/downloads/God's Love
Praise and Worship.Rar' as Archive

The only difference from what I originally reported is my word 'IS' that
I used should have been 'AS'. I have no idea what a virtual window is.


On 8/23/2018 11:10 AM, Gene wrote:
What is the exact wording of the error message? What screen-reader
are you using? I'm asking because you can copy and paste the error
message if you know how to use screen-reader features such as
virtualizing a window in JAWS to do so. If you already know how, you
don't have to answer that question. the reason I'm asking for the
exact message is because it appears not to make sense as reported.
Rar is a method of archiving files. So it makes no sense, unless
there is a problam I am not familiar with, to say it can't open the
file because it is archived. Is it saying can't open archive or can't
open a certain file in the archive or something else? Or is it
actually saying what you report?
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Hi All, I need some help.

I am using win7Pro, JFW 2018 and 7zip.

Usually I have no trouble with 7zip opening both zip files and .RAR files.

Recently I have come across a RAR file that will not open. It comes up
saying that it can not open the folder because it is archived. There
appears to be nothing wrong with 7zip because I can go straight to
another RAR file and that file is immediately opened.

Can someone please tell me how I can get RAR files out of 'archive' so I
can get the folder open and enjoy its contents?

Many thanks for your help!


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