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Angelo Sonnesso

Get a copy of Any Burn, it will do everything you need.
When you bring up the program you tab through the buttons to do what you want.
It is very accessible with both Jaws and NVDA.
It even works with Narrator.

73 N2DYN Angelo

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On second thought and first look,no, CDEmu won't do it either. I'm beginning to think the only way I can do this is to go to a machine with a working drive, waste a disc, then convert it to image file format.

On 8/28/2018 8:55 AM, Blaster wrote:
Hey Steve, Yes it would. I remember trying MagicISO a long time ago
and since I didn't know much about compiling ISO images it was a
little confusing, but I was trying out a couple of different flavors
at the time and ended up liking UltraISO so I didn't go back to
MagicISO and give it a fair chance.
I found this little tutorial and it sounds like they've made it much
easier to create images, check it out here:

Now, If you need to mount that image as a virtual drive, I would
highly recommend the free program CDEMU . You can download it here:
Once you've created your disk image, .iso file, you would only need
to find it on your hard drive using windows explorer and press the
application key on it and select mount image. You get a little window
that allows you to choose a new drive letter for your virtual drive
and a few options like, keep disk mounted on reboot, which comes in
handy if your working on some type of installation disk which will
need to reboot and continue installing after startup. Once your done
with your project, press the applications key on the virtual drive
and press the eject option and it disappears, just like that.

Good luck with your project,

On 8/28/18, Steve Matzura <number6@...> wrote:
Thanks, Blaster. I have a license for MagicISO. Would it do
essentially the same thing?

On 8/27/2018 4:40 PM, Blaster wrote:
Hey Steve, I don't think you need a virtual drive to do what you
want, maybe you could use something like ultraiso to create the type
of images you need for storage and for burning to disk.
I haven't used it in years, but essentially, there's a file explorer
type window with your hard drive on top and the new image on the
bottom. You can copy files or folders from your hard drive and then
paste them into the new image and then save it as a .iso file.
Also, a neat extra feature you can make an .iso image of an existing
cd or dvd and then add files or folders to it and burn them back to a disk.

They used to have a trial period to check out the software, give it
a try.


On 8/27/18, Steve Matzura <number6@...> wrote:
I have an unrestricted license for DaemonTools Lite, used it a
couple three or four times, then forgot how to use it! I'm trying
to do nothing more complicated than create a virtual device, make
that device think there's a blank disc loaded into it, write some
files to it, then turn that into an image I can put somewhere.
Anybody know how to do that either with DT or something else? I
tried Virtual Clone Drive, but couldn't make it create a device my
CD-writer software (CD Burner XP) could access.

Thanks in advance.

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