Re: what is the email of the victor reader stream list?


Also at the request of those who have the Victor Reader Trek instead
and didn't want to slog through all the messages regarding the Stream
a list was created for just the Victor Reader Trek. One can join it by
sending a blank email message to the following email address:


On 8/29/18, Carolyn Arnold <> wrote:
Jim, it's:

Best regards,


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Subject: [TechTalk] what is the email of the victor reader
stream list?

I have a problem with my second generation stream. For some
reason, there is no longer a D in the number 3 number on my
key pad. Instead, I have the letter B as in boy there
instead of the letter D. So, when I do a search by name, I
can't do it, if I need a D. by the way I also have the
letter B in the number 2 group of letters on the key pad,
giving me two letter B's on the key pad.

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