Thinking of NVDA To Tame Column Headings in Thunderbird

Margaret Thomas <iluvtoread@...>

Hi, All:

I've used Thunderbird and POP3 for maybe three years since I migrated to 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium since it has a couple of features I like that the
other e-mail clients I tried didn't. The difficulty in later versions of TB to move column headings such as whether threads are open or collapsed to the
beginning of the message list view to the beginning of headings such as subject date etc. is one of the things about Thunderbird that I don't like. Unfortunately,
when I made a new folder to filter mail to for this list, the open/closed heading is near the very end of the headings after date and time instead of the
beginning as it is with a number of my other folders. The inconsistency is very disconcerting and the item I found in the view menu under threads to expand
all threads doesn't seem to be consistent and it seems like when I delete a message from the body of the message it will work as expected for a couple
of messages then , I am asked if I want to delete the whole thread and I have to expand it in the message list to delete that message and continue with
the thread. I couldn't find anything in options or account settings in the menus that looked like it might help and I'd like to "tame" columns in Thunderbird
38.2.0 permanently if I can so they will be in the order I want.

I think I remember that someone on another list said that NVDA sometimes works better with TB than JAWS 16 does and, if this is correct, I thought I would
try it. Does anyone know how much of an immersion into NVDA it would take to be able to move the heading columns in TB?

For a temporary measure, does anyone know of a solution to get all threads in a folder to stay expanded?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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