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I think David Woodridge is British.

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Hello,David Woodbridge of Austria did an audio demonstration of the Orbit
Reader. It is available in mp3.
Search for it in your podcast application, Google or you may ask me to send
the direct link.Hope this helps.
Cheers,NdukwePresidentThe Blind Users Group, Nigeria
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Hi, I just received my orbit 20 earlier today. I’m not a manual reader,
unless I have to read it. Does anyone know of any mp3 tutorials on how to
use the orbitreader?I didn’t purchase it brand knew, so in the box was only
the cable and unit. I was told there was a help file in the beasts but I
don’t even know how to access that. I’m completely knew to this thing. I
just know how to turn it on! Lol Thank you. If you are a wrestling fan, or
know any wrestling fans, I invite you to subscribe to my youtube page at:

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