External drives and sleep mode

Walter Ramage

Hi to all.  Can anybody give me step by step instructions on how to disable the sleep mode on my external drives please?


All my computers are Win7 64bit and I’m using Jaws 2018.


They all have ssds but as I get annoyed with the sleep mode I’ve disabled that function for my internal hard drive.  However I do have a number of external drives; some Seagate and others Western digital.  When these drives go to sleep I find the Seagate drives wake up and respond within a few seconds but by and large the Western Digital drives are so very slow to wake up.  One of the Western Digital passport drives can take as much as 4 or even 5 minutes before responding (I think it is in a USB 2 port) others not so bad but they still take a good couple of minutes to wake up.  This is true of both portable drives and also mains driven drives.  As I said, I’ve disabled the sleep function on my computers internal hard drives and I’m happy with that but the western digital drives are a royal pain and if I could disable their sleep function life would be a lot less aggravating.  I know how to go to control panel and power settings for my internal drive but I don’t know where to go for the external drives; could it be devices? And if so where or what do I look for?  Any help appreciated.  Walter.

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