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chris judge

Hey Josh. If you are a screen reader user, there is, in my opinion, no advantage to an IPad over an Ipod touch. In fact, the IPad has so much screen realistate that it makes using it with voice over annoying.  


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I buy a lot of shows off iTunes and also movies because I have as you may or may not know, an apple tv 4th generation tv box. My questions is this. What screen reader works best with iTunes, jaws or NVDA? And when in iTunes, how do I quickly get to my purchased tv shows only, and not every single tv show? And how do I move by seasons and so on? I was thinking of buying an iPod touch, 6th gen, I think is the latest to more easily watch and stream my purchased shows on the go when wifi is available. But I hear lots of people use iPads. In schools and stuff like that iPads are used. So are iPads better than iPod touches? It seems like they have similar apple processors in them and such. I really like my android devices. But apple has some stuff that google android does not, and vice-versa. So perhaps it is best to have one or two of each? Also for watching my favorite classic nickelodeon shows from the 1990s at night, an iPod touch is more portable than a laptop. Plus I am interested in checking out the blindfold games, and I do not think they will come to android anytime soon. I’ll probably get either a 32gig or 64gig iPod touch. When available, I would rather stream my shows than download them.





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