Re: Old equipment advice requested?

Pat Seed

Hi Vicky and All,
This may be a guide in pricing.
About three years ago, I purchased a used Millennium 40 in Absolutely
Excellent condition for $300.00 U.S. funds.

Now, what we are talking about, as far as Vicky has stated, is a Millennium

Actually, I could use the Millennium 20, now, for parts to repair what I

As I mentioned, I purchased my Millennium 40 about three years ago. It gets
(Daily) use from me.

Vicky, you may want to reply off list or give me a call. Thanks.

Blessings and All the Very Best,
Pat Seed
(807) 473-0909

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Sis Vicky wrote in part:

"It will be really hard to figure an asking price. Do you think may be a
third to a fourth for what a working device would be?"

I think that the asking prices you feel most comfortable with ought to be
the right ones! Personally, I've never played ball with either the
20 or the Millennium 20; as such, it's a bit hard for me to place any real
value on them. Perhaps those members on the list who have better
of and about them will pipe in with much better thoughts.

Denver, Colorado

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