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On another list I belong to, there's off topic weekend where we can discuss andy and everything from Friday evening until Sunday evening.  We just put otw in the subject line and go from there.  I sent a message about this to the BT list owner and he never commented on it.  We might try something like that here.

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That is a good thought and may be a reasonable compromise Gene.  I new there were good reasons why I invited you.
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From: Gene
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Another advantage is that if a topic turns into too much chat after starting out as a technology topic, you, Carlos can ask that it be taken to the chat list and it can be done without causing problems or resentment.  On the blindtech list, when the owner or moderators asked that something be taken off list, it was an absurd request and was tantamount to closing the thread.  Where was the thread supposed to go?  No provision was available.  That caused needless resentment.  I suggested in the past that Blindtech have a chat group associated with it but the owner and moderators refused to consider the idea. 
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This is definitely a good idea.
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From: Carlos
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It also occurs to me that the chat subgroup might have another useful benefit.  If you subscribe to it, but at certain times it becomes too much or is overwhelming your inbox, you can simply disable it by setting it to "no mail" for as long as you like and you still won't be missing out on content from the primary list.
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From: Carlos
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Subject: [TechTalk] Chat subgrou for Tech Talk

Okay, since I suspect this is likely to be the prevailing opinion, I have gone ahead and created a chat subgroup.  I agree that the excessive chatting may simply be a side effect of the fact that it is a new list, but having it available certainly can't hurt.  One of the differences between a standard/parent group and a subgroup, is that only members of the parent group can subscribe to a subgroup.  I hope that everyone understands that as much as I don't want to be a jerk, if we're going to make this change, I will have to mostly enforce the restriction on too much general chatting/humor on the primary list.  Of course, part of my reasoning for creating a new list was to provide a more open minded/friendly environment so this doesn't mean that I'm going to turn into a raving dictator.  In my opinion and experience, most rules which are too strictly enforced only wind up irritating those who are required to follow them.
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