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JAWS shortcuts for Winamp in regards to time are:


When the Winamp window has focus use the keystroke Insert+H (you can also use Insert+W) and this will give you a list of various JAWS shortcuts for Winamp such as below.


To speak the length of the current track, press Control+JAWSKey+T.

To speak the elapsed time, press Alt+Shift+T.

To speak the time remaining, press Control+Shift+T.


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Well, there a whole lot more hot keys for one thing. For example, when you’re playing a file locally, alt-shift-u tells you how long a track is, alt-shift-i tells you how much time has elapsed, and alt-shift-o tells you how much time is remaining. None of those are available in JAWS, at least they aren’t working here.

Another thing, when you up or down arrow, Window Eyes tells you what percentage your volume is at, whereas JAWS is silent.

When playing a folder with more than one file in it, when you use b or z to go forward or backward through the tracks, Winamp with the Window Eyes scripts will tell you the track name if you want, whereas JAWS is silent.

Those are just a few examples. There are many more.


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How do the Window-eyes scripts make Winamp more accessible?



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Hey Guys,

Well, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and installed JAWS 18. I’ve been a Window Eyes loyalist since 2007, and I’ve hung onto it as long as I could.

One thing I’ve noticed right away with this JAWS 18 is that my computer seems to run faster. I’m sure that can’t be the case, but with Window Eyes, when I would click on a folder, for example, it takes longer to say anything than JAWS does. JAWS starts speaking almost before I hit the key. Same with arrowing around through documents and web pages. Very snappy!

It makes my computer feel significantly faster.

Also, by the way, I went up to the BARD site today with JAWS 18 and Firefox 60.2 ESR 32-bit, the same version that I could not read any links there with Window Eyes the other day, which I posted about here, and it’s working again. Also, the pages seem to load faster. But once again, that may be due to JAWS snappier performance.

There are just a few things I need to learn, or relearn, (I haven’t used JAWS since 2007), but I’m pretty happy with it so far.

I wish JAWS had the scripts for Winamp that Window Eyes has. Those are fantastic and make the app more accessible than with JAWS. But I’m not getting rid of my Window Eyes, so I’ll have it around if I really want it.

What would be really cool is if I could just make JAWS go silent and let Window Eyes take over when I switch to Winamp, and then have Window Eyes go silent and JAWS take over again whenever I switch to other apps; kind of like what happens with Kurzweil 1000, which when it is in focus, other screen readers go silent, and then when focus is changed to another app, the screen reader comes back up again.


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