Re: do any 3rd party twitter clients still work?


The last Twitter client I used was The Cube.  It was free, accessible with nice features and I liked it.

Another one I’ve used is a web-based client called Easychirp.  In essence, it is an accessible Twitter website that you refresh manually.  It’s very easy to use.


On Sep 14, 2018, at 2:49 PM, David Moore <jesusloves1966@...> wrote:

I am using TW Blue, and it works great with Windows 10, along with JAWS and NVDA.
You just have to update the buffers to get new tweets, which I like better. I did not like tweets poring in before I could read the tweets already there.
I hope that works for you.
David Moore
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Thanks. It was working previously do I have to reauthorize? The
interface is not opening at all.
On 9/14/18, Cristóbal <cristobalmuli@...> wrote:
> TW Blue does work. You just have to get it authorized first. This topic has
> recently come up in the past quite a bit. You  You should have no problem
> finding instructions in the archives.
> I did it once a few weeks ago, and don't recall the exact steps. It wasn't
> that hard though. I think step by step instructions are also on the TW Blue
> site itself.
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> Mehler
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> Subject: [TechTalk] do any 3rd party twitter clients still work?
> Hello,
> Apparently and probably everyone else knows this, I of course being
> oblivious just found out, Twitter API change August 16 2018 which
> invalidates a lot maybe all 3rd party clients.
> I just tried tw-blue and it didn't work at all.
> That being said i'm looking for a free, windows, not universal, twitter app.
> Is there such a beast now?
> I am also looking for a free Android twitter client.
> Any help appreciated with either of these.
> Thanks.
> Dave.


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