Re: hard drive question (connectors)

Steve Matzura

IDE data connectors have two rows of pins, about a dozen or so in each row. The whole connector is  wide from left to right and thin from top  to bottom, about two inches wide. IDE drives' power connectors are four pins in a  recessed  area on the back of the drive, usually next to the data connector. they are in a horizontal row. The connection cable has four corresponding holes in it. The socket and connector also have a matching cutout and small ridge-like protrusion so the connector can not be inadverntantly plugged in upside-down.

 SATA connectors are much smaller, about half an inch wide. They don't have pins. They have two  edges with foils on them which mate up with the female connector in the computer or disk enclosure. Their power connection is equally downsized, about an inch wide, also with many foils, not pins. Yes, the power connector is bigger than the data connector. These, too, cannot be plugged together upside-down. If it doesn't fit when trying to connect, turn the connector over and try again. The data connector sometimes has a small metal or plastic clip on it which releases the  socket when you squeeze it slightly.


On 9/19/2018 7:11 AM, Keith S wrote:
Hi, how do i determine if a hard drive has IDE SATA connectors on it?
Am looking for a replacement for an external hardrive enclosure for a external HD I already have that has stopped working.

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