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Hi, Jim.

Are you talking about purchasing the "boxed" version of Office 2016 or are you referring to subscribing to Office 365. The two are similar but there are differences.

In either case, you can start out by going right to the source at Microsoft at the above link.

You may be also able to find licenses for Office at a reduced price by searching for it on Amazon. Some might warn that you need to be careful when doing this as there's always a chance that your key may not function. I went this route for my first year of Office 365 and I had no difficulties. Your safest route is to buy direct from Microsoft as you know that the license is totally legal and that it will work. For Office 365, you can begin downloading and installing the software as soon as you complete your purchase. I'm assuming that this is also true for the standard perpetual license for Office 2016 but I'm not 100% certain about this so I'll defer to someone else with more knowledge about this. <smile>

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On 9/19/2018 2:48 PM, Jim Wohlgamuth wrote:

Hi there FOLKS!

Was wondering if someone could explain to me how I go about obtaining and or purchasing Office 2016? Any advice and or suggestions would be greatly Appreciated! BTWW, I do have a microsoft outlook address.  Thanks Much! de

<KF8LT><Jim Wohlgamuth>.

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