Re: windows 10 much slower than sinwos xp

Josh Kennedy

to find this info out, press windows r, for run, type:


press enter.

wait for the dialog box to come up. if it asks if you want to check if drivers are signed, tab to no and hit enter. once its up, just hit insert-b to read the entire dialog box. or use the jaws cursor to read it. if jaws cursor will not read the dialog box, switch back to pc cursor, press insert f2, hit s for settings center or down arrow to it and hit enter. when settings center opens press control shift d to load default settings, press tab to the tree view. then end to go to the bottom of the list. now up arrow to miscellaneous and right arrow then down arrow till you hear use accessibility driver, if it is checked, hit space to uncheck it, tab to ok and hit enter to close ans save your settings, now unload and reload jaws, or, restart the computer, once restarted, run dxdiag again and read the dialog box that comes up.

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