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Additionally, I think that you will find Chrome to be a faster and more responsive browser compared to Internet Explorer. It will also take advantage of newer technologies, which will mean better accessibility with some sites. Internet Explorer 11 will still receive security updates for some time but it will not receive any new enhancements, leaving it somewhat behind compared to Firefox and Chrome.

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On 9/22/2018 2:05 AM, Gene wrote:
You don't need an account to juse use Chrome as a browser.  I've never looked into why people might want accounts. 
I don't know what kinds of problems you are having but the following may help.  For now, if you use control l to move to the address bar to type an address, you will be able to go to a web page in that way.
Book marks can be created with control d, just as in Internet Explorer.
To move around in bookmarks, open the menu with alt f, hold alt and type f.  Then type b to move to bookmarks in the menu and press enter.  You are now in a bookmarks menu similar to Internet Explorer.
There is a tutorial a list member wrote for Chrome and it will probably be sent to you by someone.  Until then, what I've written will allow you to begin to use it.  Browsing itself is just about identical since both programs use browse mode or the Virtual PC Cursor, both names for the same thing.
Commands like h for heading, b for button, etc. will all work because they are browse mode commands, and thus screen-reader commands, not browser commands.
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I need help with the chrome brower I down loaded it from ninite do I need to create a account with google and can some one give me step by step instruction how to use the chrome browser thanks much

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