Navigating direct x screen in windows 10

Keith S

Okay, someone on list suggested I give the stats on my windows 10 computer to the group to see what is slowing down my operation, compared to my xp machine.

I followed the directions to open up the direct x diagnosis page and I now need help in navigating the screens. In particular, I need some direction on how to go line by line in a screen taht does not act like a text document, whether is be wordpad, notepad or word.

I am a former Window eyes user and we had the "virtual mouse" using the numpad with num-lock off and we could hit the 8 and 2 keys to go up or down, line by line and have the screen reader read the line.


In jaws, what is the comprable actions to what I described to the window eyes navigation?


Not doing well with jaws and am really hating not using my new computer due to taht and the slowness of jaws on it.



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