Kendal Reader for the PC question



I use the Kendal Read for the PC to read Books that are not found in an
Audio format. And for the most part, NVDA actually reads the Kendal
Books very well.

Recently, I have purchased three books that are read with a different
voice than the Default in NVDA.

And I do not have Control over what is read. If I wish to re-read a
line or paragraph, there is no going back. And the voice isn't all that
good either.

Was wondering if the use of this alternate voice has to do with how the
Book was formatted for the Kendal, or if there is another reason why the
alternative voice is used.

All other Books in my library read with the Default voice of NVDA or
JAWS. But it is only these three Books that always read with what seems
to be a Built In voice to the Kendal for PC program.

I suppose it is better than nothing, but just barely.

Grumpy Dave

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