Re: accessible 28 to 32-inch tv

Mich Verrier

Hi hear’s the tv that I got 2 years ago.

Model Number:  FW32D06F (Make sure there is a letter B after the model number for ecdition B)

UPC:  5381834029

Here is the link to the tv too:

it works quite well and once you have some one turn on voice guidance it is fine. Now I will say that if you have a dish it wont read out the guide or what the name of the show is. Now I live in Ontario Canada so if you live in the us that might be diffrint. Hth. From Mich.


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I may be in the market to buy a new tv in a year or two once this one dies. My question is this. Are there any tvs with a 28-inch or 32-inch screen that are accessible and that I can set up without sighted help? A tv with voice guidance or a screen reader?






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