Re: How do you create a short-cut key?

Steve Matzura

Almost. First, this can only be done for Desktop icons. If you want a shortcut key for something that is not already on the Desktop, you have to create a Desktop icon for it, which is beyond the scope of this discussion. Second, while in the icon's Properties dialog, the shortcut key to go directly to the actual shortcut key field is Alt plus K. Third, it's a two-step OK process--after typing your desired shortcut key for the program in question, tab away from the shortcut key field and press Alt plus A to activate the Apply button, then press ENTER to activate the OK button, which closes the dialog.

On 9/26/2018 8:50 AM, Smiling? wrote:
Highlite the icon and go to the properties by using the keystroke
Then tab through until it asks you which keystroke it is that you would like
to use.
Which you would then use whatever keystroke it is that you would like to
Then hit enter to OK it.

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