Re: Accessible easy to use crock pot

Don Risavy, Jr.

Well need some model info from any of the ones being suggested and or recommended so can check to see if can’t find any of them.




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I have what would be considered an old fashioned one as it has a knob which goes from off to low to high to warm; with only 3 settings, there’s nothing to worry about.




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I’m not sure on the model number but I’m sure if you search Wolfgang Puck it should pop up. I know there are several different sizes. I am the one that is like a rice cooker that is the smaller version but I have done a pot roast in there and it turned out very good.


Ashley Breger

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Wow so no need for setting anything on it?

Do you know the model?



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I know I own a Wolfgang Puck which is very accessible. You simply push down the lever to cook something and then you push it up to warm it. After it is done cooking then it will automatically switch to the warm setting.


Ashley Breger

On Sep 30, 2018, at 5:52 PM, Don Risavy, Jr. <djrisavyjr@...> wrote:


Wondered what anyone would recommend as an easy to use accessible crock pot for a totally blind or legally blind person?

I’m interested in buying one and figured would check around on the various email list to see what is recommended.





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