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Don Risavy, Jr.

Okay thanks for the info as will check out Amazon.



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Easy to use Crock Pots or slow cookers are easy to find.� If you're doing an on line search, be sure to type in the term manual slow cooker, otherwise you'll get back results that include programmable units which are totally inaccessible.


I just got a six quart manual Crock Pot brand slow cooker at Wal-Mart earlier this month.� It has a very simple rotary switch that goes from off to warm to low to high.� It has a removable crock that is also dish washer, oven and microwave safe.� It cost around $20 as an in store purchase.�


Amazon has a similar model that includes latches to lock down the lid if you want to transport the cooker.� It costs about $10 more than the one I got at Wal Mart.


Lisa Belville

On 9/30/2018 5:52 PM, Don Risavy, Jr. wrote:


Wondered what anyone would recommend as an easy to use accessible crock pot for a totally blind or legally blind person?

I�m interested in buying one and figured would check around on the various email list to see what is recommended.





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