Re: firefox 52.6.0 ESR keeps updating on one machine


Try using a portable copy and telling it to not update of course within the settings after running it, link below.

Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition Legacy 52 (customizable web browser) |

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I've got two win10 1803 I believe machines, both running a custom
install of Firefox 52.6.0 ESR, neither has the mozilla maintenance
service installed. On one updates are not prompted for, I don't want
them, on the other, I just had to uninstall 60 and reinstall 52 and
then it automatically updated again. Is there a way I can force the
machine to stay on 52.6 ESR? I've got all the uautomatic update
checking off, it shouldn't be asking but it is.

The one difference I can think of is and I don't know how this would
matter, one machine, the working one is win10 pro, the other one is
win10 home, both are x64 systems.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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