Re: Recommendations sought for wireless keyboards

Blackwell, Clifford

I’d recommend a Microsoft wireless keyboard 2000.


It’s a full sized keyboard with number pad and a row of pre-set and assignable buttons across the top.  Some of the pre-sets are for web browser, voume up and down and mute.  It’s fairly bulky and rugged.  Should stand up to a lot of hard use.  I don’t know about distance as the one I use is only about 5” from the computer.  No mouse or other pointing device.


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Subject: [TechTalk] Recommendations sought for wireless keyboards


Hi all.  I have three computers here but unfortunately one of my Wireless keyboard’s dongle has got a problem and it prevents the PC from booting up.  It is a very old keyboard and I really did get my money’s worth out of it.   Unfortunately the store I normally purchase such things from has closed down and I’ll need to get a new one on line.  I’m looking for a multi media wireless keyboard with numpad.  I would prefer one with a larger range than the normal 10 meters although that isn’t a critical requirement.

I’ve looked on Amazon and from the brief look I had it would appear that mouse/keyboard combinations are the main offerings.  I’m using the keyboard every day and nearly all day so need a keyboard that is comfortable to use; not compact keyboards where things can get a little cramped.  Finally I don’t want a keyboard with a trackpad as 1 I don’t know how to use it. 2 I don’t know if they are accessible and finally 3 don’t know if they are compatible with a PC.  Your thoughts are welcome and I almost forgot, I don’t do gaming so a gaming keyboard is of no use.  Thanks much.  Walter.



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