getting photos off old windows vista computer

Josh Kennedy



One of my friends is bringing over about a 2006 to 2008 or so windows vista computer. The person who owned the desktop computer recently passed away or died, so the password for it is not known by anyone except the owner of the computer who died, so we cannot get the password. So my question is this. On a windows vista machine, is there an accessible way to reset the password? Or, could I buy some kind of box or device, take the hard drive out of the old machine, put it into a box, plug it into my laptop making the internal desktop hard drive now into an external drive, and then get all the photos off of it somehow? How much would one of those boxes cost? Or would it be cheaper and more accessible to reset the windows vista password? Or is there a way to run a custom windows10 off a USB flash drive and start up windows10 narrator, gain access to the hard disk, transfer the photos onto a flash drive?





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