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Jim Pursley <jim.goodgaia@...>

I can't help with the conversion, but since you are a client of this company you might ask for your report in another format.  Your plan was not likely written directly in pdf - more likely it was written in a spreadsheet and converted to pdf.

Failing that, you'd probably need to copy individual items to your spreadsheet rather than copying the entire thing.

On 10/20/2018 4:30 AM, Adrien Collins wrote:
Hi Guys

Perhaps you guys can help me with a minor problem. My care company send me my rota in pdf, it is in a table across the screen, on the top row you have the dates, below are the times, below that are the person attending and below that are the type of support being provided. When they first started sending my rota to me it was just on two rows and this was great, top row the dates and the next row the time and the person attending followed by the type of support, all in two cells in excell. I don't know why it has changed, I am converting the pdf as always with omnipage to a spreadsheet to make it easier to follow, It is frustrating as my current rota is on several rows, the top row the date, next row the time, next row first name, next row the last name and finally the type of support. It really is frustrating. I have tried converting the rota to different formats, rtf, txt and so on, You have to read across the spreadsheet and find the date you want and then read down to get all the info you want, you cant do this in word or rtf or text. Any ideas please guys.



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