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Hi, Kimsan.

I had a very difficult time in coming up with a simple, straight answer to this question. From what I've read, it should be possible to use your 1.75 license key to activate MWB 3.6.1, which, btw, should offer better protection. As I no longer use 1.75 I am unable to verify whether this procedure actually works. I also use NVDA and currently don't have JAWS installed on my home PC so your mileage may vary as to whether this will be a smooth process for you.

Assuming that you have your license key available, open MWB and keep tabbing until you get to the My Account button. Press space to activate this button.

Because my copy is already registered, I am given my current license number, my automatic renewal date since I have enabled autorenewal and I also see an edit field where I can enter or paste a new license key. With MWB 3, pressing the tab key navigates through all of the program's various fields, even fields containing just information without requiring any sort of interaction. Hopefully, entering your 1.75 license key into this field should activate MWB3 but, as I mentioned, am unable to verify this. Here's a forum post which discusses this.

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On 10/20/2018 1:02 AM, Kimsan via Groups.Io wrote:


I accidentally updated to mwb v. 3.61.


I bought a licence key when I had 1.75, would this key work for 3.61?


If so, how do I input the ID and key? There seems to be no edit box?


I’m using windows 10 and jaws 18 and 2018.


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