Re: thoughts on accessibility of one password and jaws and why password managers are needed

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This is a very important question. First, I doubt I will be of much help to you at this time as I currently don't use JAWS at home and I also have not tried using 1Password.

However, this is something I definitely want to look into for my own personal use. The last password manager I used was Lastpass. Its level of accessibility, as well as the accessibility of other password managers, may vary. This not only may depend on what screen reader you are using but on the browser you use. In the case of Lastpass, I used it with Firefox and, initially, found it to be accessible. However, at some point the extension changed and I found that its level of accessibility for altering options had declined, at least with NVDA. When I tried it using the extension for Google Chrome I found it to be far more accessible.

Password managers, on the whole, are excellent tools and should be considered. First, they often synchronize with multiple devices. This means that your passwords that you may have set up using your PC are then accessible on other PCS or even mobile devices. They can automatically generate random, strong passwords for the various accounts which you use. All you need to remember is one master password to access your password manager and the software does the rest.

If you Google something like Best Password Manager you'll surely find good, thorough reviews. I'm considering 1Password and Keeper to try them out and will eventually report back regarding my findings.

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On 10/19/2018 11:49 PM, Dennis L wrote:

Hi how accessible is one password and jaws?   Is there a charge for it?  Why use it over doing passwords yourself? 

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