Re: thoughts on accessibility of one password and jaws and why password managers are needed

Steve Matzura

It's accessible to a point. Version 4, the non-cloud-based version, does have some oddities about access, but on the whole it's quite usable.

Now, as to why one should use a password manager, of course one can rely on one's memory, and I'm pretty sure most people do that, but there are definitely those of us out there whose memories aren't as good as they should or ought to be, or who don't use password construction formulas, or any number of other reasons why one would want to have one's passwords recorded securely on one's computer. In other words, it doesn't make you any more efficient to use a password manager than if you don't, but many of us simply find it a convenience we enjoy. One only has to remember one password--the master password to the file that contains the rest of them.

Programs like 1Password also remember other things, like bank cards, other kinds of account information, etc., that one may not remember. Do you know the Social Security or Medicare card numbers of everyone in your family? You never know when you might need that information, and 1Password is the  perfect place to record such.

On 10/19/2018 11:49 PM, Dennis L wrote:

Hi how accessible is one password and jaws?   Is there a charge for it?  Why use it over doing passwords yourself? 

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