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I will give this a try. Thank you

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There is a workaround for installing apps on Android devices which may benefit you. If you have a Google account, you can log into the Play store from another device, such as your PC or Mac, and have the app that you want sent to your Android device.

This method should work if your Android phone is already registered with your account.

As an example, suppose that you want to install the Google keyboard, which I believe is now called Gboard.

From your main computer, go to the Google play store and ensure that you're signed in. In the edit field, enter the app or type of app you want to install on your phone.

When you locate the correct app in the search results, there should be form controls for installing it onto one of your registered Android devices. I don't remember if this option is contained within the search results or if you first need to select the app by pressing enter on the app's link but you should see some options for installing the app. Hopefully, your Android device should show up in the list of devices for that app. This will allow you to install any app onto your device from your computer. We used to have the same capability with iOS devices but Apple recently removed that capability, for reasons known only to them. While you're at it, you may want to install Talkback in case that device is using an older version or some other funky variant.

David Goldfield, Assistive Technology Specialist WWW.David-Goldfield.Com
On 10/19/2018 6:41 PM, Loy wrote:
My wife has an android phone. And we need to change a password in an app. when we tap on the edit field for the password no keepboard comes up only tap to speek. But this does not work to speak the password. There does not seem to be a on screan keyboard installed.  I read to go to play store and download one, however you have to use password to log in but no way to imput it. I also tried a USB wireless keyboad and it does not reconize it. Is there any thin I can do to fix this?

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