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If your friend is reporting that he hears a long, never-ending series of short beeps after he attempts to install it this could likely be the user account control asking for permission to install the program. NVDA should be announcing the UAC prompt but there may be instances when this might not happen and so your friend should press alt-tab a few times in order to try to get the UAC prompt to gain focus. However, I would definitely check to ensure that all of the latest Windows updates are installed.

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On 10/20/2018 11:13 AM, Gene wrote:
If it doesn't install, that may well be because he isn't using Service pack 1.  It might make much more sense to install service pack 1 than to use an earlier version of NVDA for compatibility.  I don't think you have been able to get Windows updates for years without service pack 1 installed.  And that likely means that Internet Explorer hasn't received patches for years either since those are, as far asI know, considered Windows updates.  You can get an earlier version of NVDA, but you may need to ask on the NVDA list to get more information.
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Hello list
I am not subscribed to the NVDA list so I hope someone here can help. A friend’s house was destroyed by a fire. Someone gave him a PC with windows 7 but the latest NVDA won’t install. He is now looking for an older version that wil work on the PC. I think maybe NVDA 15 or so. Does anyone perhaps have such a version which I can download via a dropbox link?

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