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Don Risavy, Jr.

Thanks for that info as will check that out soon since have a new apple watch series 4 on its way.

So guess just search for screen protection and or cases for apple watches on Amazon?




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Yes, there are cases and thin screen protectors. I prefer using a case which fits over the top of the watch, and has the watch band threaded through it. It does not, in any way, interfere with the touch sensitivity of the watchface. They are very light, and have cutouts for the buttons, and speaker/microphone. There are several listed on Amazon, in various colors and sizes.


I used to have one that came in two pieces, but the top part used to pop off and get lost. Also, I am sure that anyplace that sells Apple Watches will have a sample to show you. Amazon is the least expensive place I have found to get them.


 Diane Bomar

On Oct 21, 2018, at 14:09, Don Risavy, Jr. <djrisavyjr@...> wrote:

Are there any screen protectors for the apple watches like have for the apple phones?





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