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Timothy Mok

Hi all,

If what Gene says is correct, I’ll most definitely want to consider subscribing. My wife and I are totally blind and we like using JAWS. If someone can provide more info with regard to the advantages of the subscription platform or  a link to get more info on this, it would certainly be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Timothy Mok.


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As I understand it, if you subscribe, you can use JAWS on more machines.  also, as I said, if someone falls behind in upgrades, you can subscribe and use the current version without paying for any interveening upgrades.  There may be other reasons but I know little about the subject.



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With an SMA costing less, why would anyone pay $90 a year or most assuredly $450 for five years, no break - 5 x 90 = 450.

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Subject: [TechTalk] jaws2019 is now released

Jaws2019 is now released. And with it, the new licensing system so you can subscribe to jaws for $90 per year, $270 for 3 years or $450 for 5 years of jaws. But as for me, I will use up my SMA’s first. And then I may start subscribing to jaws.





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