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Those are good reasons but that is why I specified a crowded machine.  I had in mind a place where there are a lot of people around which I would think would offer protection and disuade lurkers and someone following a blind person.  I certainly agree that using an ATM without a lot of people around may not be a good idea. 
I don't know if, or how much more dangerous it may be to use an ATM in a location with a lot of people is compared with a teller.  I don't know if you can see a teller handing the client something but it is probably far less likely that someone would loiter in a bank.  But who knows who may be in a bank or anywhere, especially when a lot of people are in the bank and don't have to loiter to be in there for enough time to have a good chance of seeing something interesting, depending on what can be seen in the first place.  It would be interesting to know what someone can see.
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> you didn't deal with my main point.  You haven't explained why I am more likely to be robbed at a crowded ATM machine than when I leave the bank after drawing out money.

When you hear about such things, it's almost never "...was robbed after leaving the bank." It's almost always "...was mugged at an ATM." This is because when you're at an ATM you are almost certainly there for withdrawals rather than deposits, whereas in a bank, you could be there for anything. While most ATM machines have cameras on them, I am not sure how wide their field of view is, and if they can catch people lurking off to the side. Where as banks to my knowledge have cameras covering the whole front of the building, in addition to their interiors. Or at least, most of the ones I know about have these cameras.
ATM's are not always located within this kind of security field. They are found in spots like alongside convenience stores, gas stations, drug stores, in the lobbies of places like Walmart, but most of them are located outdoors. You are more likely to be hit using an ATM because it's more convenient for the would-be assailant and it is obvious what you are doing there; somebody can watch you pull out a wad of cash and just get you as you're heading down the sidewalk.
And I wouldn't say that this kind of occurrence is akin to being struck by lightning, although it's depends on where you're located. More robberies, I have found, tend to occur in the down town core of cities rather than out in the suburbs. I don't know why. No I don't have stats to back this up, this is just anecdotal (sp?) evidence based on my own experiences and news reading.

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