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Leedy Diane Bomar

I apologize for coming into this thread, after the initial charges have probably been explained. Please write to me off list, if you don’t want to re-post the proposed charges. Would the $90/year replace the need to ever pay the initial licensing fee? Is this another example of VFO/FS/HJ copying MS business models? 

If one has already obtained the product, it makes no sense to pay $90/year to use it. Microsoft Office can still be purchased as a bundled package, or pay a yearly subscription, I think. If the powers-that-be (exploiters extradinaire!) what to find new ways to take milk from starving cows, what can we do? They have already bought out, then removed, their competition. Thank God for NVDA! This implies, if I am understanding it correctly, that the SMA’s will be going up by 50%/year! I am really tired of these monopolistic practices, and now gobling up the accessible app design market, so that companyies will design webpages that will work best with JAWS. But, that is another topic, in and of itself!

Correct me, if my assumptions regarding this thread, are incorrect!

 Diane Bomar

On Oct 30, 2018, at 17:56, David Moore <jesusloves1966@...> wrote:

I hear you LOL!

Yes, why would they!

That is what I do is pay $60 per year with the SMA, that is only $5 per month. That is one meal at Wendy’s LOL!

David Moore


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janet gross <janet.harvard@...> wrote:

> I usually always pay the SMA which is $120 every other year, and that comes out to $60 a year.  Why would someone want to pay $90 a year!



Because they can't afford the 1200 dollar initial outlay, most likely.




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