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Well, halleluia! Finally somebody with clout has called VFO on their usurous practice. This news makes me very happy! Maybe there is actually good in the world. Guess they got tired of all the folks in Asia and Africa and other places who were using cracked copies of Jaws because they had to do so, not because they wanted to. I'll never forget going from version 7 to version 11 and having to pay $750.00 for it, three quarters of the price of a new copy, usurous and uncaring and bad business practice.

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It's worth noting that under the new licensing system, people who haven't upgraded JAWS for a time can upgrade for only the cost of the subscription. So the penalty for not upgrading is no longer an issue under the subscription system. I believe you can still purchase smas or subscribe but I know little about this and I don't know if there are times when one system is more advantageous than another. But if someone is behind in keeping JAWS current, they may want to use the subscription system.
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And I will do the same. Jim.
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Jaws2019 is now released. And with it, the new licensing system so you can subscribe to jaws for $90 per year, $270 for 3 years or $450 for 5 years of jaws. But as for me, I will use up my SMA’s first. And then I may start subscribing to jaws.
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