"property loss" that's what it says, what does it mean?

Walter Ramage

Hi folks.  This question is only to satisfy my curiosity and not to solve a problem.


For a while now when I'm copying files; mp3, flac or wav I sometimes get the message that there is "property loss."  It states that some of the file properties can't be copied to this location and wants me to confirm I want to continue.  I do say yes but when I check those files I find all the properties I'm used to are still there.  Therefore, which properties are being referred to?


This only happens when copying files to my WD my book external drive.  I have a number of those drives and it happens with them all but it is only some files that I get this message with.


On this occasion I'm copying files from a Seagate external drive to a WD My Book drive.  Interestingly I never get that message when transferring to or between Seagate drives.


It isn't all files I get this with, only some.  In this copying session it happened with 15 files out of 35,600 files I was transferring.  After copying, as I said, all the properties and tags are still there and the files play as normal.


Does anybody know what properties these are that are being referred to.  Walter.

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