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If keys work properly and have good action, why fool around taking them apart?  I can see cleaning the outside of the keys, the part you come in contact with but why do anything else un;less the keys begin to exhibit behavior that indacates internal cleaning is necessary?  Using common sense such as not using the keyboard when your hands are dirty or have food on them and, in the case of a laptop, closing it when not in use should, in my opinion, keep keys internally clean for years.  I wouldn't be surprised if they remain clean enough to work properly for the life of the computer.  I have never had a desktop keyboard misbehave because internal cleaning was necessary and my only laptop is now something like four or five years old and the keys function properly. 
That's my opinion and it is based on my experience, as one user.  If people believe that my experience is too small a sample to generalize from, that's fine and people are free to disagree.  But I am a very strong proponent of the if it ain't broke cliché.  I wonder how many people cause unnecessary keyboard problems cleaning something that works perfectly in the first place. 

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Check Carlos's posts for cleaning the keys on your laptop. There are
delicate pieces that can be damaged if your not careful. Not to mention
the little rubber pimple that gives the key it's bounce. It's the first
thing that pops out when you lift the key and it's tricky to handle.
Popping the keys is really for replacing lost or damaged keys.


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