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I'd like to add one thing to this message.

If you wish to have a JAWS setting applied globally to all programs you must first type insert-6 (on the numbers row) to enter Settings Center.

There are other ways to open Settings Center but pressing insert-6, while not the most intuitive method, is perhaps the quickest.

Once Settings Center has been opened, you then press shift-ctrl-D to open the default configuration file. Once this keystroke has been pressed you can now alter settings and have them applied globally, to be used in all programs.

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On 11/1/2018 4:48 AM, Smiling? wrote:

Use the keystroke Insert+6 (top row 6) while focused in whatever program it is that you would this to apply to.

If you want this to apply to everything, use the keystroke Control+Shift+D to open up the defaults

Then tab down to User and use your right arrow to open it up and arrow down to Typing.

Use your spacebar to cycle through the options and leave it wherever you so see fit and hit enter.

You can go back and adjust whatever back if desired using the very same steps as above.


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hello fellow jaws users,

i would like to know, how do i get jaws to stop announcing keyboard commands;

for instance like announcing the tab key, enter key and such;

any help would be greatly appreciated;



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