Re: Braille Display Questions

Josh Kennedy

yes i agree. get the orbit reader20 for $449. It has 8-dot braille, connects to NVDA and jaws, and voiceover, and brailleback, 6-key perkins keyboard, panning buttons arrows and select buttons plus dots 7 and 8 keys left and right of the space bar. and it has a very basic noteTaker. the notetaker lets you write directly into brl brf or txt files in ascii or raw braille. this means you just open your notes, and write whatever braille code you wish whether its english, greek, or japanese, math, or music braille. It's a nice simple display for reading, writing and using with your pc or mac or mobile device. according to a master's thesis i got off the internet, it most likely uses very rugged and reliable micro-vibration cell-phone motors to make the dots go up and down. the braille me uses braille cells that are magnetic, magnetic force makes its braille cells work. but orbit reader20 has the most reliable braille cells though. 

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