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Hi everyone:

I own the focus 40 blew first generation braille display. I like it a lot! The only thing I don’t like about it is the keyboard because it does not have a very nice feel to it. Plus, some of the braille dots do not show up as nicely as others. I probably need to clean the display. Maybe that will help.

I have played with a newer generation focus 40 braille display and I like that keyboard better. I suspect that the dots are probably better too. I think the latest model of the focus braille display is made with stainless steel. I think they claim that it has much better dots. Unfortunately, it is very expensive.

I don’t know if it was the braille me or the orbit reader, but I have read that one of those displays allows the user to set the display twonn braille automatically add a chosen speed so you can read as fast as you like. That is a nice feature that will help improve speed reading. Someday I might want to own a braille me or the orbit reader. It sounds like the orbit reader might be a little better than the braille me. But I’m sure much of that is probably personal preference.

I wish they offered 40 sell braille displays from the braille me and the orbit reader as that 40 cell option is a standard line of braille text on a standard sheet of braille paper. But if these new devices offer automatic panting options, that might not matter as much. Besides, I like the idea of placing the smaller displays and a small bag or something like that. I like the idea of storing these displays in the side pocket of one of my duffel bag’s or my backpack or my fanny pack. I can store the Apple Bluetooth keyboard in my fanny pack and that’s nice and convenient.

I am interested to know how noisy these other braille displays are. My focus braille display makes hardly any noise. I find it interesting that some claimed that these other braille displays are a bit noisy. The noisiest part of my braille display is typing on the keyboard or pressing the other buttons.

Anyhow, I will have to read the information about the braille me and the orbit reader again just to satisfy my curiosity and inform myself. Again, I would like to on one of these displays in the future. I think there will be more advancements in these types of braille displays soon.


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Josh, please could you send me a link to that Braille Me presentation.
Don Roberts
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yes i can confirm all braille me issues have been fixed. i listened to a pennsylvania council of the blind podcast which demonstrates and confirms the braille me is now a good device to own, along with the orbit20. 

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