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Eleni Vamvakari

To Aman Singer:"
I'm currently in the process of seeking Pacmate driver. From what I
recall, I must search for the Focus one, as it works on both units.

No, I definitely wasn't being sarcastic with relation to his and him.
I am a grammar prescriptivist and am against political correctness and
the language it creates. So this made me smile.

Yes, I would consider the Pacmate to be an extra, but quite an
interesting one. I haven't used JFW since 4.5.

I always make sure that everything I buy on Ebay has been tested, is
working, and includes a return policy. There was one exception, but
the seller was extremely honest and specifically said that, due to the
age of the item, it might not work correctly, even though it was never

I never considered not taking into account opinions on the actual
braille of a braille display when reading a review. I thought that
would be a core component of the description and experience. But I
have only read a few such reviews in my life, since this is the first
time I considered buyin a braille display. Almost everything else
that I own is mainstream or cheap and simple enough that I could read
the description on the website and know whether i wanted it or not.
But I suppose it's like a keyboard. Everyone has his own opinion on
the matter.

I don't use bluetooth on anything, but it definitely explains the
extra expense. Plus, the one I saw was a 40-cell display, which
always cost more.

To Josh Kennedy:
I have heard negative things about the Orbit, so am a bit hesitant to
use it. As for the notetaker, it cannot save to the proper braille
code if it's not installed on the device. That is, even if I write
something using Greek braile, if I saved it and then tried to convert
it to txt or rtf and use it with my computer, it wouldn't work
correctly. Likewise, it probably couldn't read my files on my thumb
drive. But that doesn't really matter, as I will mainly be using such
a display with NVDA. I am glad that the issues with the Braille Me
have been resolved. As for the person I mentioned, he is not my
friend. This was from a review that I read.

To Victor:
Has your focus always had this issue or is it recent? I hope I don't
have the same issues with the Pacmate. I do remember that, sometimes,
the dots on my Braille Lite 2000 would stick up and I had to run my
finger across them, but that wasn't a serious issue. I can't ever
recall that happening with my BrailleNote. Personally, I wouldn't
mind 40 cells, though I would prefer them to be in two lines, not one.
It is easier to carry a smaller device.

To Chris G:
Thank you for the link. I am interested in hearing the podcast as well.

On 16/11/2018, Chris G <> wrote:
Hi Don,
Here is a link to the podcast in question.

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Josh, please could you send me a link to that Braille Me presentation.
Don Roberts

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yes i can confirm all braille me issues have been fixed. i
listened to a pennsylvania council of the blind podcast which
demonstrates and confirms the braille me is now a good device to
own, along with the orbit20.

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