to eleni about greek language and braille displays

Josh Kennedy

Hi eleni and all,

I just used google translate to translate English text into greek just to test out the braille. I then connected my orbit reader20 and set NVDA to greek output and input braille tables. I put the cursor on the line with the greek text that was translated. I do not understand greek, but from what I read on the orbit20 it seems like the orbit20 shows greek 100% perfectly! It shows all the macron and other special greek braille symbols! For some reason before some letters it put a dot5, but maybe that is how greek braille works? Not sure. And sometimes I guess there is a greek letter represented by dots 3-4-5, and another greek letter was shown with dots 2-4-6. I wish NVDA had auto language switching for braille so when on a website and if its tagged correctly, the braille language will automatically switch when reading Multilanguage text. And again, if you install math player and read math ml text, it shows it to you in nemeth math braille on a braille display.





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