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When you update to a new version of JAWS, such as going from JAWS 2018 to JAWS 2019, the old version is still kept intact on your computer. On your desktop or your start menu you should see both versions of JAWS available to you, JAWS 2018 as well as JAWS 2019. When you restarted your computer I'm a bit surprised that JAWS 2019 did not start automatically. However, I would look specifically for JAWS 2019 and start that version. Make sure that 2018 is ***not*** running when you try to start 2019. You could point to JAWS 2019, press insert-f4 to unload the current JAWS version, and then press enter after a few seconds. It may open the startup wizard and/or it may also give you the option to merge settings from your previous version into the newly installed one. Once you start JAWS 2019, press insert-J to open the JAWS window and confirm that you are, in fact, running 2019. If you are, go into the Options menu, choose Basics and set the start options to run that version automatically.

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On 11/18/2018 1:48 PM, Amy Gordon wrote:
Hi, I tried updating to 2019 but my jaws version still says 2018.
Although on my computer when I type in the search it shows 2019 but
after entering it says 2018.  Was wondering if anyone knows what could
be going on?  Should I have had to enter my authorization code or
something?  Thanks for any help.

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