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This is drew. I’ll braille displays make some noise.

I am curious about these new braille displays that generate rail on multiple lines. I have read that they are even working on braille displays that generate the equivalent of 1full page of braille. Some of these displays our tablet computers that have a refresher both braille display instead of a screen. Very interesting!


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Hi all,

The only way to determine if the Orbit is too noisy is to try it. It would depend on the microphone, and the studio acoustics. I'd try it before making a blanket statement. Remember that a demo of how loud the Orbit is would be done with the mike pointing at it. I have a headset which tends to block out a lot of ambiant noise. I'm sure that something similar may be available for radio equipment. I wouldn't throw out the baby with the bathwater.

It may be that the Orbit will not work well with radio equipment, but to make assumptions is not a good idea. Me, I'd want to try it first; have some measurable data to go on.

Just my $.02 for a Monday morning.

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