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Carolyn and others,

I'll be happy to answer some of these questions, if I can, as I'm an employee of Comcast.

I haven't read all of the messages in this thread and so I am sorry if I'm missing some of the context. If a customer has Xfinity Internet and rents a Comcast gateway they are able to use one of our apps, known as Xfi.

The Xfi app, among other things, allows the user to see who is on their network, along with what devices they are using as well.

It's available via our Web site, along with apps for both iOS and Android.

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On 11/21/2018 4:22 PM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:
How can that happen, when we always have to put in the code
to get anything on Wi-Fi? 

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It will use any XFinity router.  It connects to the WiFi but
not to the users' network.  I don't know what you would see
in the devices list.
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I wonder how it works with Comcast xfinity? I use wifi all
around town. When out of range of my home wifi network
xfinity will use any router that is close by. So on my home
network it is secured but on xfinity it is not. I often use
it to listen to a news program when out and about. I also
often use it when out of town using xfinity routers.
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I just did it to refresh my memory of just how it can be
done with my router.  It's reasonably fast and efficient
unless it is a measure you want to take so often that you
might want something like a utility, that might be faster.
If you go to your Router's web page, then book mark it, you
can get the information quickly.  My router's home page
shows the information in a table on the home page so, once
I'm on the page, if you use control home to make sure you
are at the top of the page, then type t once, you are at the
beginning of the table.  
And a feature you may find useful is that it doesn't just
show what is connected, it shows what has connected in the
past even if its not connected now.  So you can see if a
connection has been made that is not legitimate.  I haven't
looked at this to any extent, but I seem to remember there
is some way of disabling an unwanted device or connection,
I'm not sure just what it is.
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I can see all who are connected to my router in any way by
looking at information on the web page the router displays
if I use a browser to look at the proper page.  The router
web pages are standard web pages and you likely have such
web pages available as well.  There may be other faster
ways, but that's probably one way you can get the
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Is there a program I can use to view who is all using my
wifi that is jaws accessible?



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