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Carolyn Arnold

How do you set something for no mail? Probably that is according to your
mail, mine being Outlook 2013.

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It also occurs to me that the chat subgroup might have another useful
benefit. If you subscribe to it, but at certain times it becomes too much
or is overwhelming your inbox, you can simply disable it by setting it to
"no mail" for as long as you like and you still won't be missing out on
content from the primary list.

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Okay, since I suspect this is likely to be the prevailing opinion, I
have gone ahead and created a chat subgroup. I agree that the excessive
chatting may simply be a side effect of the fact that it is a new list, but
having it available certainly can't hurt. One of the differences between a
standard/parent group and a subgroup, is that only members of the parent
group can subscribe to a subgroup. I hope that everyone understands that as
much as I don't want to be a jerk, if we're going to make this change, I
will have to mostly enforce the restriction on too much general
chatting/humor on the primary list. Of course, part of my reasoning for
creating a new list was to provide a more open minded/friendly environment
so this doesn't mean that I'm going to turn into a raving dictator. In my
opinion and experience, most rules which are too strictly enforced only wind
up irritating those who are required to follow them.

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and the posting address is <>

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