Re: Login screen, problem with jaws 17 - and the JAWS problem in Outlook, with another solution.

Carolyn Arnold

When JAWS balks in Outlook now, I have found that hitting Say All unlocks it.

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Hi, how much time you give it? Sometimes it might take a few seconds to come up . I have seen it on some computers people have taking up to a minute to come up.
This is because they have so much stuff that is loading at startup that is loading before jaws.
Also mile ware and virus can do this as well .
But you can try to do a jaws repair if you have the Jaws disk or jaws download .
But first I would check out my machine good with a virus scan with a good up to date virus program and then check out for any mile ware with something like mile ware bites .
I also would do some regular maintenance like defragging and disk cleanup and checking out the register for old files that is not being used and such with something like CCleaner.
Then after all that if it did not still do right I would see what all is starting up on startup of my computer .
Then I would do a jaws Repair after that if none help.
If then the jaws repair did not work I would look at a uninstall jaws and all your personal settings and then reinstalling jaws. And reinstalling it.
Then if that don't work don't know short of calling FS and getting help there.


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Subject: [TechTalk] Login screen, problem with jaws 17

Hi all,
Guys, I don't know if this topic has been talk in the email list before, but I need to track it again.
With the last update of jaws 17 jaws doesn't talk in the login screen. I already checked with the jaws startup that that choice is checked, and everything looks good, but jaws doesn't talk in the login scre What could the problem be?
Thanks guys,

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