Re: having trouble sharing a folder in dropbox.

Steve Matzura

I just tried it and the form that comes up is horrible. Everything is some kind of modal access dialog, which means not a thing to me. I typed in an email address and pressed TAB, then I figured out after several attempts that it wanted a message, so I typed one and pressed ENTER.  Then I got a Windows notification that said "Take a look at what's in this shared folder." No email arrived, the folder did not get shared. I don't think this really works.

On 11/23/2018 1:02 PM, Hope Williamson via Groups.Io wrote:

Once you get to the folder you want to share, there’s a share item in the context menu in the client. You get there by hitting the right windows key or shift + F10, if your keyboard doesn’t have one. Then, it’s just a matter of navigating down to “share” and pressing enter. After that a form will come up asking who you want to share the folder to and you enter the recipient email address.


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