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Hi, Vicky.

My limited experience with using Alexa on the Fire tablet is that you can actually perform very few functions which are specific to the tablet. You can specify which apps you want to open, such as "open settings" but you can't be specific about what type of settings you want to open. As an example, I can't say "open settings, device options" or "open device options settings" as you can on an iPhone. You can say "open home screen" to go back to your main home screen. If you say "open" followed by an app which is not on your system it will actually try to search the Amazon app store for what you asked for and will attempt to take you to a page containing relevant results. As an example, if you say "open crossword" it will show you a page from the app store with information about an app called Crossword. When I said "battery status" it told me that it wasn't able to give me information about that. There may be other tablet-specific functions that others have found but these are the ones I've attempted.

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On 11/23/2018 11:29 PM, Vicky Vaughan wrote:

Hello List, I have a 10-inch HD Kindle Fire tablet that is running version 5.6. I know that I can use all the usual Alexa commands on it, including music controlling commands, but have any of you discovered any possible tablet controlling commands?


I have Googled this every way possible and have watch many You tube videos but have not yet found any way to control the tablet’s operating system.  I’m thinking something along the lines of J Say or Dragon Dictate.


Thank you very much for any tips or any information!


Sincerely, Vicky





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