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When you switch your Internet provider to Comcast you are not forced to use a Comcast email address. The real question is whether you will be able to keep your SBC email address if you switch providers and this is really something that you should ask SBC about. In other words, whether you can continue to use your provider's email account if you switch depends on the policies of that provider and not of the provider you might be switching to.

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On 11/26/2018 3:20 PM, Sugar Lopez wrote:

Hi all

Not sure if this is appropriate for this list but I wanted to know and had nowhere else to ask. Smile


If I change my internet service over to comcast, am I able to keep my current e mail Addy of sugarsyl71@...?

Or would I have to change it over to something

At&T is charging a crazy price if I go over my usage and I am needing to find a better deal.




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